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When You Are Accused of Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society, but occasionally law enforcement goes overboard as it seeks to round up people who have broken the law by driving while intoxicated. If you believe you have been falsely accused of drunk driving, you can do a lot to protect your freedom. My name is Michelle, and I work as a defense attorney. Here in my blog I am going to give you the reasons why you may be falsely accused of drunk driving and teach you exactly what to do if you find yourself in this very difficult situation.


Criminal Defense Attorneys & Lie Detector Tests

23 February 2021
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For many people accused of a crime, a lie detector seems like a way out. Finally, a way to prove your innocence! Not so fast. Criminal law attorneys are quick to tell their clients not to take polygraph tests, also known as lie detectors. Want to know more? Read on for more information. Can a Lie Detector Actually Detect Lies? First, you should know that polygraph tests are notoriously unreliable. They do not have a way of actually telling if you are lying. Read More …