Falsely Accused Of Domestic Assault

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Falsely Accused Of Domestic Assault

17 May 2022
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Domestic violence is the type of crime that can have a long-term effect on the life of the accused, which is why it is important to take legal action in such a case. Sometimes domestic assault is unfairly charged due to someone falsely claiming that his or her partner committed the offense. For example, if someone is envious because his or her partner had an affair with someone else, the envy might motivate the bitter partner to attempt to get the other party into legal trouble. If your partner had you arrested for domestic assault after showing the authorities self-inflicted wounds, you need help from an attorney as soon as possible. You do not want to risk the unfair charge ruining your reputation and causing you to have an embarrassing criminal record.

A Discussion About Your Relationship

To gain a better understanding of the mindset of your partner, an attorney will want to discuss your relationship. For example, what types of altercations have you and your partner had in the past? Did you or your partner assault one another in any of the past altercations, and were criminal charges filed? An attorney will ask you to be honest when explaining the history of your relationship and any wrongs that you have committed in the past. Your honesty will be the foundation of your attorney building a solid defense and proving that the crime you are charged with is false, especially if you have never committed a crime before.

Your Partner Admitted to Making a False Claim

It might feel like a big relief if your partner has admitted to the authorities that he or she made a false claim about the domestic assault. However, you will still need assistance from an attorney to prove that you are not guilty of the crime. The reason is that even when a partner admits to making a false claim, the district attorney might still pursue the charges in case the accuser is scared and in danger. An attorney can use the dropped claim in your defense but might ask you to not discuss the incident with your partner. Everything pertaining to the case should be kept between you and your attorney to avoid saying something that might be used against you in court.

Proving That You Did Not Commit a Crime

The photographs that the authorities took of your partner's self-inflicted wounds will be thoroughly examined by an attorney. He or she can hire experts to prove that the wounds were self-inflicted, such as based on the location and shape of the wounds. Various other steps will be taken to prove that you did not commit a crime as well.

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