Being Accused Of Child Sexual Assault: Why You Need A Criminal Attorney

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Being Accused Of Child Sexual Assault: Why You Need A Criminal Attorney

18 July 2023
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Being accused of child sexual assault (with or without a final conviction) is life-changing in several negative ways. The impact of this kind of crime can follow you and your loved ones for the rest of your life, and whether you believe you are innocent or not, the situation should always be given serious consideration and attention.

You may have bailed out of jail and are awaiting trial for your case, but you're in need of serious legal representation. Regardless of how your case turns out, you have a long social, physical, and legal road ahead of you and the right criminal attorney will help you get as much of your life in order as possible. Here are reasons why, if you're being accused of child sexual assault, you need a criminal attorney.

You may face several years in prison

Child assault cases are often charged as felonies, especially if they are sexual in nature. In addition to serving prison time, you can expect your felony or misdemeanor probation to be no easy task to accomplish. Your criminal attorney will help you understand the severity of the charges against you and help you determine as well if you are better off pleading not guilty, guilty, or striking a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney and judge to make your sentence easier.

You may lose many things

If you are convicted of child sexual assault, you'll be placed on a sexual predator list in your area with your name and address displayed for the public to see. You also may be required to stay a certain distance from daycare facilities, elementary schools, and more. In some cases, a person convicted of sexual child assault may not even be allowed near children of a certain age, so if their spouse or significant other (or other family members) has younger children, then precautions have to be made.

You may find it hard to find or keep a job and your placement in the community can be scarred for a very long time. You may even face family problems such as divorce or protection orders against you as part of your situation, so as you can see, being convicted of a crime like this does more than just cause you legal problems. You need a qualified and experienced criminal attorney to stand by your side and walk you through the process so you can have the best chance at a good outcome. Contact a company like Cohen Law Offices, LLC to learn more about hiring a criminal attorney for a child sexual assault accusation.