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When You Are Accused of Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society, but occasionally law enforcement goes overboard as it seeks to round up people who have broken the law by driving while intoxicated. If you believe you have been falsely accused of drunk driving, you can do a lot to protect your freedom. My name is Michelle, and I work as a defense attorney. Here in my blog I am going to give you the reasons why you may be falsely accused of drunk driving and teach you exactly what to do if you find yourself in this very difficult situation.


3 Restraining Order Myths And The Facts Behind Them

24 February 2016
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Restraining orders are a common court-issued document, but especially considering how common they are, there are a surprising number of myths surrounding them. Below are three common restraining order myths and the facts behind them. Myth: All I Need to Obtain a Restraining Order is My Word Fact: While you won't be needing to convince a jury in order to obtain a restraining order, you will be required to convince a judge. Read More …

Don’t Take A Domestic Violence Charge Lightly

11 December 2015
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A couple having a disagreement isn't anything new. However, in a moment of intense passion, poor judgement can cause the situation to escalate and a charge of domestic violence to ensue. If you have found yourself in this type of situation, don't take the potential penalties that come along with this charge lightly. Protective Orders Upon a domestic violence charge, a temporary protective order can be enacted. For a couple that has children together, this can make matters very complicated. Read More …

3 Tips To Help You Get Through Your Criminal Case

16 October 2015
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Even though you try to do the right thing, there comes a time when things happen and you end up making the wrong choice. That wrong choice could prove extremely devastating to your future. Finding yourself in the middle of a criminal case can be frustrating, overwhelming and confusing. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help move your case along in the right direction and prevent making things worse for yourself. Read More …

Worried About Cultural Sensitivity And Misrepresentation? What You Should Know About Criminal Lawyers And Their Training

14 October 2015
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Given the nature of their careers, criminal lawyers are required to learn, know and understand as much as possible about other cultures. At the very least, lawyers have to know and understand enough about the cultures in their communities, cities and counties in which they practice. They learn through cultural sensitivity training, and here is what they are required to know. Not All People of One Race Are the Same Read More …

U.S. Criminal Sentencing: 4 Of The Nation’s Longest Sentences

14 October 2015
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In August 2015, James Holmes, the shooter in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, was sentenced to 12 life terms and more than 3,000 years in prison. To some, this may seem extremely lenient since he didn't get the death penalty after killing and injuring so many people. To others, however, it may be seen as far too much since he'll never be able to serve that large amount of years. Regardless of your stance, there are actually three prison sentences that have been handed down to alleged criminals that are longer than his. Read More …