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When You Are Accused of Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society, but occasionally law enforcement goes overboard as it seeks to round up people who have broken the law by driving while intoxicated. If you believe you have been falsely accused of drunk driving, you can do a lot to protect your freedom. My name is Michelle, and I work as a defense attorney. Here in my blog I am going to give you the reasons why you may be falsely accused of drunk driving and teach you exactly what to do if you find yourself in this very difficult situation.


Understanding Your Right To Remain Silent

16 August 2016
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If the police are investigating you regarding potential criminal charges, it's likely that you will be facing all sorts of questioning. You may not have been arrested at the time, which can make your rights during the investigation period even more confusing to you. A couple of situations will be running through your mind during questioning. You'll most likely feel pressured to answer all of the questions being asked of you, but you want to avoid making a mistake that can potentially incriminate yourself. Read More …

Four Ways A DUI Attorney Can Help You After Your Arrested

22 July 2016
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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you may think there is no reason to have an attorney, especially if you know you're guilty. After all, what are the chances of an attorney getting you out of this problem that you created? But there are many things that an attorney may be able to do to alleviate the situation, even if if falls short of being found not guilty or having the charges dropped. Read More …

Refuting Common DUI Myths

14 April 2016
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Having too many drinks before getting in the car to start driving can be a serious mistake for a person to make. In addition to the enhanced risks of being in an accident, you may also be charged with driving under the influence, and this charge can carry extreme consequences. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for individuals to be relatively uninformed about these alcohol-related driving charges, which can make them susceptible to believing the following two myths about this type of criminal charge. Read More …

3 Restraining Order Myths And The Facts Behind Them

24 February 2016
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Restraining orders are a common court-issued document, but especially considering how common they are, there are a surprising number of myths surrounding them. Below are three common restraining order myths and the facts behind them. Myth: All I Need to Obtain a Restraining Order is My Word Fact: While you won't be needing to convince a jury in order to obtain a restraining order, you will be required to convince a judge. Read More …

Don’t Take A Domestic Violence Charge Lightly

11 December 2015
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A couple having a disagreement isn't anything new. However, in a moment of intense passion, poor judgement can cause the situation to escalate and a charge of domestic violence to ensue. If you have found yourself in this type of situation, don't take the potential penalties that come along with this charge lightly. Protective Orders Upon a domestic violence charge, a temporary protective order can be enacted. For a couple that has children together, this can make matters very complicated. Read More …